Shipping Methods Scripts API

Customize the shipping methods that are offered to customers at checkout with the Shipping methods API. This API is part of the Checkout domain.

Beta Shopify Scripts are in a closed beta. For access to this beta, email

Scripts that use the Shipping method API run right before the customer reaches the shipping stage at checkout.

Script signature

A script’s signature is specific to the API that it uses. Every signature has single entry point that accepts input and returns output that is specific to the Script API.

Shipping methods scripts accept input from:

  • Input, which contains order details from the current checkout stage, along with the list of store’s Shipping methods.

  • Configuration).

Payment method scripts return a single result (Result) that contains up to 3 parts. Each part independently dictates how the payment methods are to be filtered, renamed, and reordered at checkout:

* **[FilterResponse](** returns a list of shipping methods to hide.
* **[RenameResponse](** returns the shipping methods to be renamed along with their new names.
* **[SortResponse](** returns the shipping methods in the order in which they are to appear.

Error behavior

If a runtime error occurs in a script or if it times out, then that script run is treated as a no op. Any results from the script are ignored and the default payment methods are offered to customers.


Below is a screenshot of a shipping method which has been renamed to “New Shipping Rate Name”:

Screenshot containing a shipping method called "New Shipping Rate Name"