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Fast & Performant
React Native List

No more blank cells

Swap from FlatList in seconds. Get instant performance.

Similar props.
Instant performance.

Even with the similar props as the React Native FlatList, FlashList recycles components under the hood to maximize performance.

  renderItem={({ item }) => {
    return <TweetCell item={item} />;

Exceptional performance on low-end devices

FPS* in UI Thread

up to 5x


React Native FlatList

FPS* in JS Thread

up to 10x


React Native FlatList

* Average FPS on a 60FPS screen Android Moto G10 device. (Higher is better)

Memory efficient scrolling

Some libraries allocate more items in memory to achieve good performance. FlashList does not recreate items as a user scrolls, making it noticeably more memory efficient.

Developer using React Native FlashList in their laptop.

Developer friendly

FlashList is especially easy-to-use thanks to FlatList's API. Simply change the name of your component and you are good to go.

Snappy on all platforms

On iOS, other lists perform well, but on Android, they fall short. FlashList performs well even on low-end Android devices.

Girl enjoying a list created using FlashList on a phone
  renderItem={({ item }) => {
    return <TweetCell item={item} />;
  getItemType={({ item }) => {
    return item.type;

Extra configuration for even better performance.

Apart from FlatList props, FlashList offers a set of extra props to tweak the performance even more.

Buttery smooth complex layouts

FlashList supports layouts like Masonry, which allows you to render a Pinterest-like layout. This is Shopify's Shop app taking advantage of MasonryFlashList component.

Masonry layout React Native list created using FlashList

Learn how and why Shopify uses FlashList to make commerce better for everyone.

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Shopify uses FlashList to make commerce better for everyone

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Past Events

FlashList on the React Advanced London Meetup

React Native Radio Podcast

Aug 27th, 2022

Talha Naqvi from Shopify went on React Native Radio to talk about the hot new FlashList and why it's a drop-in replacement for FlatList in most cases.

Listen to the podcast

React Native EU Conference 2022

Sep 2, 2022

Marek Fořt presented FlashList at the React Native EU Conference 2022. He demoed how to migrate from FlashList and gave tips on how to get the best performance out of it.

App.js conf

Jun 9th, 2022

We introduced FlashList on the App.js conf while talking about the React Native open-source projects we have at Shopify.

React Advanced London Meetup

Sep 28nd, 2022

Siavash Etemadieh presented FlashList on the React Advanced London Meetup. We will post the recording once it's available.

FlashList on the React Advanced London Meetup

Install now

Try it in your project now:

React Native

yarn add @shopify/flash-list
cd ios && pod install


npx expo install @shopify/flash-list