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Price Range

Last updated: Apr 8, 2019


Displaying a product's minimum and maximum prices on collection pages allows merchants to represent the range of variants available. With the help of control-flow Liquid tags, this code example will only output the minimum and maximum variant price values when the collection template is being viewed. This ensures product pages and search results will display default price values. The money filter is also applied to format prices based on the Currency Formatting.

  1. Locate the code where product price is being outputted on your theme.
  2. Replace code for product price with the following code. The product.price_min and product.price_max objects will out the lowest and highest variant prices when a collection page is viewed.
{% if available %}
  {% if product.price_varies and template == 'collection' %}
    <p>From {{ product.price_min | money }} to {{ product.price_max | money }}</p>
  {% else %}
    <p>{{ product.price | money }}</p>
  {% endif %}
{% else %}
  <p>Sold out</p>
{% endif %}

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