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A Rails Engine for building Shopify Apps


Build and deploy a new Shopify App to Heroku in minutes

  1. New Rails App (with PostgreSQL)

    rails new test-app --database=postgresql
    cd test-app
    git init
    git add .
    git commit -m 'new rails app'
  2. Create a new Heroku app

    The next step is to create a new heroku app. Pull up your heroku dashboard and make a new app!


    heroku create name
    heroku git:remote -a name

    now we need to let git know where the remote server is so we’ll be able to deploy later

    git remote add heroku
  3. Create a new App in the partners area

    • set the callback url to https://<name>
    • choose an embedded app
    • set the redirect_uri to https://<name>
  4. Add ShopifyApp to gemfile

    $ echo "gem 'shopify_app'" >> Gemfile
    bundle install

    Note - its recommended to use the latest released version. Check the git tags to see the latest release and then add it to your Gemfile e.g gem 'shopify_app', '~> 7.1.0'

  5. Run the ShopifyApp generator

    use the keys from your app in the partners area
    rails generate shopify_app --api_key a366cbafaccebd2f615aebdfc932fa1c --secret 8750306a895b3dbc7f4136c2ae2ea293
    git add .
    git commit -m 'generated shopify app'
  6. Deploy

    git push heroku
    heroku run rake db:migrate
  7. Install the App!