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The Route component is used to set up a route in Hydrogen that's independent of the file system. Routes are matched in the order that they're defined.

Example code

import {Router, Route} from '@shopify/hydrogen';
function App() {
return (
<Suspense fallback={<LoadingFallback />}>
<Route path="/" page={<Home />} />
<Route path="/products/:handle" page={<Product />} />
<Route path="*" page={<NotFound />} />
function Product({params}) {
return <h1>Product name: {params.handle}</h1>;
function Home() {
return <h1>Home</h1>;
function NotFound() {
return <h1>Not found</h1>;
export default renderHydrogen(App);


pathstringThe URL path where the route exists. The path can contain variables. For example, /products/:handle.
pageReactElementA reference to a React Server Component that's rendered when the route is active.

Component type

The Route component is a server component that renders inside App.server.jsx. For more information about component types, refer to React Server Components.


  • Only one route renders at a time.
  • Use path="*" with the last defined <Route> to implement a fallback mechanism on a "Not Found" page.
  • Routes defined with the Route component can't be API routes.