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The useLoadScript hook loads an external script tag on the client-side.

Note: A non-hook version, loadScript, is also available if you need to execute inside vanilla JavaScript functions and useEffect or useCallback.

Example code

import {useLoadScript} from '@shopify/hydrogen';

export function MyComponent() {
const scriptStatus = useLoadScript(

if (scriptStatus === 'loading') {
return <div>loading...</div>;

if (scriptStatus === 'error') {
return <div>error...</div>;

// shop-pay-button custom element is available to use
return <shop-pay-button />;


The useLoadScript hook takes the following arguments:

urlYesThe URL string for the external script.
optionsNoAn object that gets passed to the underlying <script> tag. Currently only supports `{module?: true, in?: 'body'

Return value

The useLoadScript hook returns the following values that allow you to understand the state of the external script you are loading:

loadingThe script is still loading. For example, the script tag can be on the page but the resource might not be fully loaded yet while in this state.
doneThe script is fully loaded and ready to use.
errorThere was an error loading the script.