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The useSession hook reads session data in server components.

Example code

import {useSession} from '@shopify/hydrogen';
export default function ServerComponent() {
const {countryCode} = useSession();
return <div>The country code: {countryCode}</div>;

Return value

The useSession hook returns all data within the current session. The return type is an object with key value pairs.


  • You can't use the useSession hook in client components. If your client components need access to session data, then get the data within server components and explicitly pass the data to client components.

    Caution: Sessions typically contain privileged data. Avoid passing all session data to the client.

  • Don't update session data within server or client components. Instead, update session data within API routes.

  • The useSession hook will suspend when its called. The length of the suspense depends on where the session data is stored.