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Configure user authentication


Hydrogen 2.0 is out now. These archival Hydrogen 1.0 docs are provided only to assist developers during their upgrade process. Please migrate to Hydrogen 2.0 as soon as possible.

Hydrogen includes built-in support for managing user authentication, including account creation, login, password reset, and logout. This guide describes additional configurations for user authentication.

Retrieve a customer access token

You can retrieve a customer access token using the useSession hook. If the customerAccessToken isn't defined, then the user isn't logged in.

// component.server.jsx

const { customerAccessToken } = useSession()

Tell bots not to index a page

Pages that require authentication shouldn't be indexed by bots. For example, bots shouldn't index login and account pages. You can tell bots to not index a page by passing noindex to the Seo component:

// /account/login.server.jsx

<Seo type="noindex" data={{title: 'Login'}} />